Green Marketing

Now that the green movement is well underway in the U.S. businesses are starting to find there is a green option for just about everything, including marketing products and services. Going green with your marketing is easy and can be cost effective if you get creative and think outside of the box.

Read on to learn more about green marketing, get ideas that you can use to market your business and cut costs as well as help the environment all at the same time.

Pros and Cons of Green Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Green Marketing Pros

The pros of green marketing are quite clear, but the primary advantage is their environmental benefits. These types of marketing products and services cause less waste, don’t use harsh chemicals and dyes, and are often created using recycled materials.

A residual benefit is that many consumers will appreciate the extra steps you’re taking to be more eco-friendly with your marketing which will improve their perception of your company.

Green Marketing Cons

Although there are many upsides to choosing a green marketing strategy for your business, these types of products and services tend to cost more a good deal of the time. In fact, the cost is about the only drawback there is to green marketing. However, the good news is that as the availability of these types of marketing products and services goes up the price will go down and depending on the strategies you use green marketing could help you save money in other ways.

Another thing to consider is the possible lack of local green marketing options in some areas.

Green Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Today, there is a wide selection of green marketing products and services to choose from. Below are things to consider using and incorporating if you want to green up your marketing.

Green packaging – Think about how you can recycle things like old newspapers and magazine to cushion packages. You can also buy biodegradable packaging and choosing boxes and envelopes made out of recycled materials.

Reusable grocery bags – Put your logo on a reusable bag for a functional promo marketing product. In addition to helping people reduce waste, a reusable bag is a marketing product people want and will use thus increasing your ROI with free advertising.

Use online marketing – Not only is online marketing a highly targeted and cost effective, it’s also the greenest way to market your business. Online marketing doesn’t use nearly as many resources and create as much waste as print and even commercial marketing.

Choose local food – If you are putting on a seminar, hosting a luncheon, or throwing a launch party choosing to use locally grown and produced foods will reduce the carbon footprint that it takes to cater the event. It’s also supporting local business which is a good way to help grow your own.

Use green incentives - Motivate consumers by marketing about donations to environmentally friendly organizations. This makes a large impact if you advertise that you’ll donate to an organization each time a purchase is made. The customer will feel like they’re getting more for their money and that their purchase benefits the environment as much as it benefits them.

Where to Find Green Marketing Products and Services

Depending on the type of green marketing products and services you are looking for you can opt to use a local business, online provider, doing it DYI or a combination. The internet is a great resource for finding green marketing tools in and will provide you with options no matter where your business is located so it's the perfect place to start your search. 

It’s also a good idea to use look for green marketing products and services that are Green Seal certified. Green Seal has been providing standards and third party certification since 1989.