Green Jobs Training

Green jobs are a part of a new employment sector that is expected to grow in the coming years. A green job, or green collar job, refers to employment at businesses that work to reduce pollution and waste or help clean and protect the environment. Jobs in renewable energy sources are a good example of green jobs.

Given that this is a new industry that will be growing rapidly and will likely put America back on the manufacturing map, there is a high demand for a new type of skilled workers. Green job training programs have cropped up around the country to help prepare workers for these new green collar jobs.

Green Jobs Training Programs

Below are training programs and certifications for different types of green jobs.

LEED Certification Programs

When it comes to green building certifications LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the gold standard. LEED has become quite popular in the last few years and community colleges now offer LEED certification programs. The U.S. Green Building Council is also an excellent resource for locating LEED certification programs near you.

Energy Auditor Training

An energy auditor examines a business or home to find where energy Is being lost or wasted and makes suggestions for making the building more energy efficient. Some areas are now starting to require homeowners have an energy audit before they can sell their home. Those who have a background in engineering, home inspections or building are energy auditor naturals. Check with your community college to see if they offer energy auditor courses . The Association of Energy Engineers or Everblue both offer energy auditor training.

Ecotourism Training

Ecotourism has become popular since many vacationers are now trying to be more environmentally friendly in their excursions. If you enjoy, travel, nature and science then a career in ecotourism may be just what you're looking for. Some colleges offer classes in ecotourism.  In Thailand the Ecotourism Training Center is has established the Sustainable Marine Adventures & Responsible Tourism (S.M.A.R.T.) training program.

Renewable Energy Training Programs

Renewable energy includes solar, wind and geothermal energy sources. The popularity in all three are growing by the day. If you are interested in geothermal technologies the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association provides workshops and training. For those wanting to get a green job in wind energy the Interstate Renewable Energy Council and NABCEP both offer training in wind power and turbines.

In addition to the organizations mentioned above, there are also many local, state and national green jobs training programs.

Education Levels for Green Jobs Training

Many people may be wondering or even worried about what level of education they need to have in order to take part in green jobs training programs. The good news is that for many training programs students must have a minimum of a high school diploma.

Some green jobs training will require a college degree or enrollment in college. Others, like energy auditing, requires other specialized knowledge. The level of education needed is mainly dependent on the type of green job you're interested in. One of the first things you need to do is check with the certification program to determine what education prerequisites are required.


Green jobs promise to provide workers with good paying, long term employment. Use the information above to find out more about green jobs training.